Health officials are predicting an extra nasty flu season this year.   But just because it’s going around, doesn’t mean you need to succumb to it!

There are so many things you can do to strengthen your immune system and prevent colds & flu infections with natural medicine.  Here is a brief summary of some of the ways I recommend in my practice:


Hand Washing:  Highly under-estimated, just this alone can greatly prevent exposure to pathogenic viruses and bacteria.

If you’ve been out on public transit or in public places touching doors and objects touched by many other people, be sure to wash your hands as soon as you arrive to your destination.

  • Rule of thumb: wash hands with warm water and soap while singing the tune of “Happy Birthday” in your head, the length of this song is about 15 seconds, which is the correct amount of time to spend lathering for best infection -fighting results!

Orifice Awareness:  Orifices are openings in the body, which are the fastest and easiest pathways for infectious agents to travel into your body!  In this case we are talking about your ears, your eyes, your nostrils, and your mouth.

Become more aware of your tendency to touch your face, rub your eyes, pick your nose, ears or teeth, especially after having touched objects in public places.  If you’re really itchy, use the back of your hand or get to a washroom ASAP to wash your hands before you scratch!

  • Quick tip:  Breathe through your NOSE!  We have a built-in air filtration system care of our nose hairs, which filter out dirt and pesky infectious agents. So make an effort to consciously breathe in and out through your nose (not your mouth) especially in public places.


A well-prescribed homeopathic remedy is an excellent way to support your immune system.  A single remedy is chosen based on your unique characteristics and it works by boosting your body’s natural ability to heal itself and stay resilient.

These remedies are a type of energy medicine, they are very safe, they do not conflict with other forms of medication and they complement a wide variety of other treatment methods.

Nutritional supplements

There is a huge variety of nutritional supplements that can support immune function.  Most people are aware of Vitamin C, but Zinc, Selenium, probiotics and amino acids can also play a crucial role.

In my office, we review a client’s health history, we assess for deficiencies and check to see if any systems or organs need support in order to allow the immune system to function properly.

If you are interested in a naturopathic consultation to address the unique needs of your immune system, you can click here for my email address, or you can call the office at 416-699-6336 to make an appointment.

Herbal medicine

I often prescribe herbal formulas for my clients during the cold & flu season.  Some of my favourite herbs include:

Echinacea: stimulates the immune system and digestive function, which is great because the immune system begins in the digestive tract!  It’s also anti-inflammatory and counteracts pus formation…mmmm, yummy!

Elderberry:  Is known for its potent anti-viral properties, so it’s excellent at fighting viruses like the flu!  It regulates the immune system and contains many antioxidants.  It also happens to taste delicious!

Andrographis: Is a herb native to Asia and South Asia and is commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

This herb is very bitter, so it helps boost the immune system, supports the lymphatic system and the digestive tract. It is known for its anti-viral properties and its affinity for supporting the liver.

Astragalus:  Is a great immune tonic.  It strengthens digestion and the immune system, and helps increase energy in extreme weakness.

If you would like specific recommendations for what remedies are best for you and your immune system, you can click here for my email address, or call the office at 416-699-6336 to make an appointment.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy winter season!!!


Flu Season is HERE!!!
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